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With JobFlow you can track your projects from lead to job close, track by estimator, and by office location. With our sales dashboard, you no longer need to export all your data and run exhaustive spreadsheet reports. See instant sales data right inside JobFlow.


Everything You Need
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  • Sales Dashboard
  • Project Tracker
  • Professional Estimates
  • Line Item Manager
  • Track Sales Referrals
  • Track Sales by Team
  • Job Location Map
  • Avg Days To Sign Job
  • Visual Sales Funnel

It's the mother of all sales dashboards, instant data.

Instant sales results. One of the only project management sales tool to give you live sales data without the need of exporting any data and putting charts together in spreadsheets.

job project management software tool

Easily track your projects from beginning to end. With our project view; you can easily view all your projects with a clean simple design with all the information you need. You can also sort by date, branch/office, by particular estimator, or search by client or referral source.

professional estimates invoices

Easily create and send professional estimates and invoices in minutes. Simply select from saved line items you've created in advance and send professional PDF estimates or invoices to your customers.

estimate line item manager

All your estimate line items saved into our system, making it easier then ever to create professional estimates and invoices in minutes. Either add your line items as you build your estimate, or upload all of them at once with an excel/csv file.

Visually see who is sending you work and who your top referral sources are.

sales by project estimator

You can assign each project and estimate to a specific estimator/project manager. This will help you pull reports specific to each member of the team. 

map of signed projects

Need to track your teams location and where all your projects are located for easy reallocation of personnel or equipment? See all of your signed jobs in a live map in your job dashboard.

tracking average days to sign job

How long does it take you to close a lead after it comes in? With our sales dashboard you can track this statistic by overall company, by estimator and by branch/office location.

project sales funnel

Visually see your sales funnel.

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Manage Your Jobs & Close More Sales WithLive Data

Stop Exporting Your Data Into Excel & Wasting Time

Project Sales Overview

Tired of not knowing what your own sales are? Or having to expert your data to another program (Office 365, Google Sheets) and running pivot tables to get your data. That’s no longer the case, just manage your jobs, update your estimates and viola! Your entire sales dashboard comes to life.

project sales dashboard

Meet Your Sales Target by Managing Your Pipeline

No more guessing how much is in the pipeline. Our sales dashboard will tell your what pending sales you have so you can focus your efforts on low hanging fruit.

Track Sales & Closing Ratio By Each Project Estimator

How you’re doing for sales as a company is great. But it’s even better when we can track how well each project estimator is doing. You can instantly see what sales each project estimator is bringing in, what their closing ratio is and how quickly they close their deals.

All The Benefits of JobFlow

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